Improve Your Arrow Powers Using Mechanical Advantage(MA)


You can only ensure that you can use your arrow’s full potential if you make use of the Mechanical Advantage(MA). The penetration limits of an arrow are determined by the mechanical advantage and the forward of center(FOC) of the arrow. If you are using a bow with lower draw weight, then you will have to give more importance to the MA. Low draw weight bows have limited power capacities. But MA can help you in making stronger penetrations even if you use a low power bow. It is better to go through reliable expandable broadheads reviews before purchasing a bow and arrow. The link accounts the experiences of a passionate hunter.

What Is MA(Mechanical Advantage)?
Let us start from the basics for newcomers who are confused about what MA actually is. It is basically a formula derived on the basis of the engineering principles. It is used as a measure of efficiency. It helps to find the work amount needed to achieve a task by using the force available. The formula can be effectively applied in bow hunting practices. It helps to measure the penetration capacity of a broadhead with the force applied to it by us. If you increase the MA by about twenty-five percent, then simultaneously the penetration also increases twenty-five percent.

As per Dr. Ed Ashby, MA of an inclined plane is the length of plane divided by the height of the plane. The MA of a broadhead tends to be lower in steeper angles, wider diameters and increase in the number of blades. In all these cases, the force required to penetrate through the target will be higher. Soft tissues can be easily penetrated. But if you intend to penetrate bones or a lot of soft tissues, the task can be difficult. Most of the hunters think that if they increase the number of blades they can achieve a better penetration. But in reality, it only decreases the penetration capacity as the force needed to drive all these multiple blades also have to increase if you need a strong penetration.

Selecting Your Arrow
After you learn to measure MA, the next task is to select the arrow. The link / provides great tips for selecting and using bows and arrows. For finding the MA, first, you have to find the height and length of the blade. You can either use a caliper set or just trace the blade length on a paper. You can measure the line length on the paper and get the length of the blade easily. To find the height, you can either use calipers or use a tape or even a ruler to measure the height. You can also refer the package for the diameter lengths listed out on them. Take diameter readings from that take half the value of it. Then multiply the half value by the number of the blades on the broadhead. This will be the width factor of the arrow. Now use the formula MA= length divided by width factor to get your MA value.

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