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Stay Fit With Los Angeles Spinning Classes

Los Angeles Spinning ClassesSpinning is the best exercise both to maintain the fitness of the person and to reduce weight. Spinning is done using a stationary bike, and the participants need to pedal the bike as hard as they can, and the bike has various tension levels. This is considered to be a safe exercise when compared with cycling because there will be no muscle damages in spinning.

The pedaling system is similar to cycle. Two pedals drive a chain which is attached to the weighted flywheel. The flywheel rotates smoothly once you pedal. There is a brake in the flywheel which helps you to control the pedal resistance. You should turn the brake clockwise to increase the resistance and rotate it anticlockwise to decrease the resistance.

If you are looking for a spinning class, you can select BESPOKE Cycling Studio – Los Angeles Spinning Class. If you are a beginner, you should start pedaling without any resistance at very slow speed. On your first day of the class, you can spin maximum for ten minutes only. After that, you will feel pain in your legs. The maximum workout time is 45 minutes for the trained people.

You need to spin without any resistance till you get sweat. This is the warm up session advised by your instructor. Then, you have to increase the resistance little by little till your muscles in the thighs start to burn. Then, for next couple of minutes, you should pedal without any resistance till your thighs recover from the pain.

There are two options available “into the burn” and “out to the burn”. You can switch between the two options until your thigh muscles become hard. It is the signal that you have completed the today’s exercise. One thing you must learn is turning up more resistance to become fit quickly will burn out more muscles, and your thigh muscles become stiff and they cannot complete the class. If you turn down the resistance, then you will not get the real benefits of spinning.